About Adam



Growing up the youngest in my year in a small town in Essex, I was very shy, prone to being bullied and struggled to find my place.

Now, as an "Adult" (apparently) I run & maintain my businesses. Make youtube videos in my spare time, I drift my Nissan Silvia & I will be back out on track in a Honda Civic again soon!

I am completely obsessed with Marketing and Branding. 

Always wondering how and what I can do next to get that thrill for myself. 

What Makes me, me?

I always loved cars, from as far back as I can remember.  

I was comfortable around cars, instead of going and buying comic books, I'd buy Autotrader & Top Marques magazines and just study what cars were for sale, what options they came with. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

Dropping out of college to purse a career in car sales ended up in me getting made redundant when the recession hit the UK. But this wasn't all bad. I ended up resigning from my position at the dealer I ended up at and started to work for my Dad, who had multiple small businesses, one of which I took control of and started to learn how to operate a company.

It was in this year I learnt a lot about online retail. But in my spare time I started a small blog and called it "initforthestatus". On this I posted many, many different things from Holidays, to Car shoots, to Snowboarding & music. But it ended up turning into a car feature only blog, which then turned into a modified Honda only blog..

This grew quickly. I went all around the country and into Europe offering free photo shoots as I saw it as a way of marketing my brand. Which was now known as 6TWO1.

Over the years, the brand became a household name within the UK Honda Tuning community, creating our own line of parts & merchandise. Something I'm very proud of.

a new venture?

6TWO1 is running fantastically smooth. We have a line up of parts made to a very high manufacturing level. Something I was very specific about. If I wouldn't run it on my own cars, why would anyone else?

So I recently started up Bandit Supply Co a new brand I created & have wanted to create for 3 years, just didn't feel it was right. Until 2017. 

I have so many ideas & plans for this company but they will all come clear in time..


How We came to be !

Sometimes, its just meant to be ...

I had moved into my first house & the sense of overwhelming loneliness after working 7 days a week and coming home to a cold, empty house was dragging me down emotionally & physically. I'd just sit with a tub of my favourite ice cream and let myself just feel bad for myself. You can make all the money in the world but you cannot buy an emotional connection.

I'd been considering getting a dog for a while, but I didn't know if it was the right time. I've always been a dog guy, my families have always had dogs. I just didn't know how one would fit in to my life....

OPPORtunity arose... 

It was a strange twist of fate that this came to be. A member of our family had a dog which they needed to rehome. 
I didn't know much about it but all I knew was it was a grown ass puppy and it was a Dalmatian. 
Mum mentioned it to me so I said I'd like to meet it, see how we get on! Well, it only took me 5 minutes to know this dog was coming home with me and being my best pal.

Well, we were a match made in heaven, I feel like he is apart of me now. Everything he does makes me laugh, he gets me walking about 5 miles a day (or push biking!) & It is impossible to feel lonley when you own a Dalmatian. 
He is such a kind, loving dog. I feel very lucky to call him mine! 

Vlogging the IDC Global Warfare 3 event in Ireland!

Vlogging the IDC Global Warfare 3 event in Ireland!


About 6 years ago I bought a go pro & I tweeted 

Well, it took a while and after about 6 years I really do have a great back catalogue of trips & Adventures I have documented. I no longer just use a go pro, i have a fantastic selection of cameras to use. I really, really enjoy "Youtubing" - Content creating. Its a passion I never realised I had. 

Youtube, Being in front of camera has boosted my confidence
— Adam Ivell

As I mentioned, I was a very shy kid. I barely left my parents side. I rearly did anything with a group of friends because I thought everyone hated me. Maybe it was just because I was a little different to everyone else, I'm still not sure of it to this day. I was just a small, insecure little boy. 
Once I found my feet after I dropped out of college, i got a group of friends within the car community & the blog took off. 
The videos didnt start until I picked up my Reg EG6 Civic.

Even now to this day, I cannot believe I have 50,000+ Subscribers on youtube & Almost 10,000,000 Views on my Channel!

I mean I'm just a dude who messes around with old cars.


But I love it, I really do.


I Always have to keep reminding myself that YOUTUBE is my hobbie, it is not a race, its not about who can get the most subscribers the fastest. Its about enjoyment for me. 

As always you run into people who are just out to cause upset but its okay, its okay to ignore them/ Block them, like I do on the regular. 

Iā€™m in the fortunate position where Youtube isn't my job, my company ran for years before I had a Youtube Channel & will run for many more once I stop. But for now I am very happy doing it and seeing where it takes me! 


Company Sponsors from Youtube.

I never, never expected companies to want to work with me ! Ever! I have a few more that are in the pipeline now but I wont mention them until it comes together. 
The ones I want to shout out now are :

  • Sorry but I have to say 6TWO1 & BanditSupplyCo even though I own them haha.

  • Auxbeam Lighting

  • Zestino Tyres

  • Jimmy Up

  • BQR123

  • Driftworks

  • Osaka JDM


  • Flatout Factory

  • Einhell Tools

  • Monster Energy

  • Toyota UK

  • Mantis Cars LTD

Any further Youtube enquires can come to me here : Aji621@mac.com